About Me

Hello Friends, This is Hameed Feroz

I am a Structural Engineer by Profession. And I was always very Passionate about Learning and Sharing Everything about Technology.

You are here Because

You want to learn something new about Technology in a Simple way Yet with Advance Details

You need all the information about something which you are going to find in a single Blog

You might have the Following Questions for me. So I am answering them for you.

I want every person in this country to understand Technology and never be afraid of using any Tech.

Well, For now I am going to start off with the basic Technological Devices. i.e. Mobile Phones and Computers.

I would like to Connect to People of Every Age. Whoever is interested in learning anything about Technology.

  • I would have given my Audience Valuable Knowledge about Technology. And I would move further and Expand the topics.
This is my First Blog and I hope to Find People with similar Interest So that, Together we can make this Country more Advanced in terms of Technology. I want every person of this Country to understand Technology in a Simple way.
Hameed Feroz
Technology Impule
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