What is Cloud? What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud? What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud? What is Cloud Computing?

No, I am not talking about the Clouds in the sky, I am talking about Cloud Computing. It is a technology in which we save our files on a Cloud Network which are accessible from anywhere. In simple words, we can save our files to a Cloud Network, and we can download it from any place, any device, and any time as long as we have an internet connection.

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How Cloud Computing Works?

Let’s start with How it Works? These days so many people are using Cloud Computing, but most people don’t even know what it is and how it works. Cloud network is nothing but a large physical storage location that stores our data safely, and when we need our data, we can download it. The companies that provide Cloud Computing have thousands of Storage Devices in different locations. 

How to Use Cloud Computing?

It is as simple as upload and download. You just have to know basic computing to use this service. Suppose you want to save a scanned copy of your certificates, first, you have to create an account on one of the Cloud Networks using your email ID and password, then you have to upload files and Logout. And when you need your files, you can log in to your Cloud network from any computer or mobile using your Email ID and Password, and download the files but make sure you Logout when you are using other devices.

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What are the Advantages/Uses of Cloud Computing?

The primary use of Cloud Computing is storing your data safe and using it whenever you require it.

You can store your data like Resume, Certificates, important pics, videos, and whatever you want. Then download it whenever you need using your device or other. You can even upload backup contacts files, messages, images before resetting(formatting) your mobile.

You can also transfer files using Cloud Computing like you can upload the files from the phone and download it on your computer.

Is Cloud Computing Safe?

Obviously, It is safe to use, and your files will be safer on the cloud than your own devices. There is no fear of data getting hacked because they use various encryption methods to keep your data safe. The data is not just stored at a single location, but they are stored in multiple physical locations, therefore, your files will be safe even if there happens to be any problem at one location. 

The only way, it won’t be safe for you is if you use it on another’s computer and forgot to Logout, and that is perhaps your fault.

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Is Cloud Computing Free?

Yes, but to an extent. Means, the Cloud Computing Providers give you some amount of storage for free, and if you want to use or upload more files, you have to pay them annually. The Price varies between various Cloud Storage Providers and the Plans they offer.

Which Cloud Computing to Use?

The prime Cloud Computing Providers are Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. While Google Drive is the most popular option here, but one of its disadvantages is, it includes your Gmail account data which will fill your free space quickly. The solution is either buying more space or using multiple Gmail accounts to create multiple Google Drive accounts to store your data. Dropbox is also a great choice but it offers less free data, and OneDrive by Microsoft is also one of the top picks. The good thing is, you can use all of them to store different files on each Cloud Network.

The Upload and Download speed completely depends on the file size, and your network speed, it has nothing to do with the Cloud Storage Providers.

Why Cloud Computing is the future?

Cloud Computing will be used by a large number of people in the future for two main reasons are Saving disk space, and Safe storing of data.
You don’t worry about loosing your important data or losing your device because all your files are locked up safe in the Cloud.

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Why cloud computing is necessary?

There is no loss in using a Cloud Storage, as it’s free to use, and saves our important data forever. You can save your important data on all the available Cloud Networks o ensure safety. If you haven’t used it before, I suggest you to start using and you will realize your importance. Also, don’t forget to Logout while using it on someone else’s device.

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