What is MegaPixel? Why Megapixel is not as important as you think

What is MegaPixel? Why Megapixel is not as important as you think

Nowadays, while buying either a DSLR camera or a Mobile Phone, the only thing we look at, is the Megapixel. Most people assume that the higher the megapixel is, the better the image quality will be, but it is not true. So, today we are going to discuss what is Megapixel, why Megapixel is not as important as you think, and more. Such as 

Let us start with what is Megapixel? A Megapixel is a short form of one million pixels. 1 MP consists of one million pixels (1152 x 864 pixels) on the sensor. Similarly, 12 MP means the camera sensor has 12 million pixels in it. Pixels store information such as color, light, contrast, etc. and the pixels capture only three colors that are blue, green, and red. Any color you see besides these three is a mix of these three colors. A picture does not depend only on the Megapixel, as there are many more factors that should be taken into consideration, such as Sensor size, Aperture, Shutter speed, and Optical Image Stabilization.


Why DSLR camera pictures are better than Mobile phones?

You might have noticed that pictures taken from a digital camera have better quality than the pictures captured on mobile. It is because the DSLR camera has a big sensor and the mobile phone has a small sensor. The sensor is arranged at the end of a camera. The pixels in a DSLR camera are larger in size, therefore, they capture more details and the image quality looks awesome. In mobile phones, the sensor size is small in size so the pixels are also small in size. For example, if the sensor size is same for both 8MP camera and 12 MP camera then there won’t be much improvement in the image quality. Because, the pixels are stuffed to fit into the small sensor size, which reduces their size due to which they capture fewer details.


Why Is Megapixel Not Important or Why Megapixel Doesn’t Matter?

The quality of an Image depends more on the sensor size than on Megapixels. There are other factors that affect the picture quality, such as Aperture, Optical Image Stabilization, and more. For example, iPhones have better Optical Image Stabilization, and that’s the reason Apple mobiles have better picture quality than other mobiles. Whereas Sony cameras are also recognized for better image quality because they have a bigger sensor size that can fit more Megapixels in it to capture good quality pictures.

 Sometimes having a higher Megapixel is a downside because, if the sensor is small, the Megapixels will also be smaller in size, which can affect the image quality.

Are More Megapixels Better? And How Much Megapixel is Enough?

Are more Megapixels better? Not necessary, as it depends on your needs. If you are clicking pictures to print on a magazine and a newspaper, then 2MP is enough as it contains 1920 x1080 pixels, which is a Full HD resolution. As I mentioned above, you can zoom in more when pictures are taken from a higher Megapixel camera. Therefore, a 2MP camera is enough for capturing pictures to print in a magazine. And will need a higher Megapixel if you want to zoom in and check out the details.

What Megapixel Is 4k?

4K has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels with 3840 is the horizontal layout and 2160 is vertical.


Which Is the Highest Megapixel Camera?

In mobile phones, the upcoming Realme XT has the highest Megapixel camera that is 64MP, and it is released on Oct 2019.

The recently released Realme X also has a 64 MP mechanized pop-up camera.

Checkout Realme 5 Review that has Quad Camera Setup.

The Pentax 645Z has 52.4MP which is highest for a DSLR camera, and you can purchase it from Amazon.in

What are the Advantages of Having more Megapixels?

Having more Megapixels helps in capturing higher resolution pictures, which can be useful for printing posters and banners. As the resolution is high, the image won’t lose its quality when it is expanded. The main advantage of having more Megapixels is, you can zoom in the details of the picture, and it won’t be pixelated or blurred. You can capture texts from textbooks or banners, and you can zoom in and read the letters better if you have a better Megapixel camera.


If you have read the complete article, you already know What is Megapixel and Why Megapixel is not as important as you think. Thought the image quality depends on multiple factors such as the number of Megapixels, sensor size, aperture, shutter speed, iso, optical image stabilization, and much more. But having more Megapixels lets you capture high-resolution pictures that do not pixelate when you zoom them. You can share this article with your family and friends and let them know about Megapixels. 

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