Integration of Components in Electronic Technology

Electronic Technology is an on-going process of developing, building, testing and selling electronic systems. These systems are used to help people and industries in a variety of ways. Electronic technologies have developed since the Second World War. It is now a global business. The electronic age which started with radio and television has touched every aspect of our lives.

Electronic Technology1

Electrical Engineering Technology deals with the practical application of electricity within the human body, structure and environment. It mainly deals with the supply of energy and how it is distributed. The major areas of concentration of this field are communication systems, power supply and control, electronic control systems and electrical engineering. The other meaning and definition implied above are more descriptive not be used as legal and medical terms.

Computer Engineering deals with the design, creation and operation of computer systems. The main areas of concentration are software engineering, software development and software manufacturing. Telecommunication is mostly involved in the creation, construction and operation of telecommunication networks and transmission lines. Transportation and Logistics are mostly involved in the movement of materials, supplies and labor. Medical and Therapeutic Electronics are also specialized areas.

Industrial and Manufacturing Electronics deals with the manufacturing of products and processes using electrical technology and machines. It uses transistors, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards (PCBs), computer hardware and electronic machines. The development, manufacture, management and sale of these products and processes are done through various channels. It is a combination of science and art. Industrial and Manufacturing electronics is a very important sector in any country.

Medical and Therapeutic Electronics are specialized electronic devices. They are used in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. These devices and technology are developed for specific purposes only. These devices should be reliable and efficient to carry out the work.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Light Emitting Photoconductor (LED) are popularly used in personal computers, mobile phones, DVD players and other electronic devices. LED is a source of energy using less power. Its electricity is conducted on semiconductor diodes and produces light. On the other hand, LED’s are semiconductor diodes that produce light when they are excited by an electric current. Electrons in the electric currents flow between positive and negative poles. Light Emitting Diode’s use electrons instead of protons to produce current.

Vacuum electronics mainly deals with devices which require no electrical conductivity. Some examples include ultrasound, radio waves and light waves. Vacuum electronics mainly uses vacuum tubes to generate electricity. It is very similar to resistive, capacitive and ultrasonic technologies.

Electronic technology has played an important role in our lives. It has enabled us to make better and more efficient use of our environment and also make our lives more comfortable and easy. Nowadays, electronic devices are used in almost everything that we do. From personal computers to cars and trucks to baby toys to medical equipment, electronics are an indispensable part of our lives. The growth in this field has been rapid and significant over the years.

As a result of rapid industrialization, the development of electronics has brought along with it numerous issues related to manufacturing. One of the most important issues concerned is integration of electronic devices. In fact, electronics have provided a great platform for research in many fields including biomedical, biotechnological and other medical areas. This is due to the interrelated functions that electronic devices play. They are instruments for gene manipulation, genetic engineering, diagnosing and preventing diseases, for blood purification and many more. There are several issues involved in manufacturing electronics and one of these is integration of circuit boards.

Integration refers to the act of integrating circuits in a system without changing their function. However, in the case of electronics, this is done only with the use of electronic devices that are manufactured to operate in conjunction with each other. It is often used in digital technology. Digital electronics refer to electronic devices that carry out digital functions and are integrated with one another. Analog electronics, on the other hand, refer to those electronic devices that carry out analog functions and are integrated with one another.

In electronic control systems and manufacturing processes, integration occurs when electronic devices are introduced into the production process. Electronic control systems refers to the set up of an algorithm that is followed to control the processes of production. The processes may include any number of steps and in most cases include the addition of one or more electronic devices. In this case, the electronic devices are integrated with one another or with analog devices to form a complete system.

Manufacture of electronic components requires certain technologies that are specific to the type of electronic components being manufactured. These technologies ensure reliability and performance of the final product. Some of the common technologies used in the manufacture of electronic components are capacitors, resistors, inductors and other electrical components. Capacitors, resistors and inductors, among others, are known for their special abilities and properties that cannot be obtained from other electrical components.

Electronic Technology2

In the modern world of integrated electronics, integration is a key factor in the creation of electronic systems. Integrating components according to their functionality and performance is called integration. Integration of Components in Electronic Technology covers various areas like field of electronic engineering, electrical engineering and the integration of electronic systems.

Integration of Components in Electronic Technology has a wide range of applications. It includes integration of integrated circuits, microprocessors, automated control systems and digital devices. Integration of Components in Electronic Technology assists in the process of circuit design, integration and testing. It enables higher reliability and flexibility, reliability and security for your electronic products.

There are two types of integration processes. The first one is the process of mechanical interconnection, which involves the interconnection of the mechanical and electronic parts by means of metal seals. The second one is the process of thermal integration, which involves thermal contacts and thermal insulation to form the mechanical linkages. Integration of Components in Electronic Technology assists to create electronic systems that work efficiently. These systems perform better than the single-parts systems.

Integration of Components in Electronic Technology assists to develop electronic products, which are more efficient, durable and reliable. These products can run at maximum capacity. Integrated systems have many applications in various fields. They can be used in home appliances, automobiles, medical equipment, electronics, industrial and transportation systems, computer systems and communication systems. In the field of electronic manufacturing, integration plays an important role.

Integration process of Components in Electronic Technology can be performed in three phases. The first phase of the integration process refers to the physical preparation of the systems. This includes tools for testing and layout drawing. The second phase of the integration process helps in designing the electronic parts. This includes electronic tools, test durations and production control.

Integration of Components in Electronic Technology has become more popular among the end users. The third and last phase of the integration process makes sure that the electronic parts fit to the electronic system. Integration of Components in Electronic Technology enhances the performance and efficiency of an electronic device or equipment. They ensure better functioning, less maintenance and compatibility with other electronic equipment. It also ensures safety.

Integration of Components in Electronic Technology has become more popular among the end users. With numerous options and designs available in electronic component markets, integration of electronic components has become easier. Now it is possible to integrate lightweight electronic components, which are easier to handle than heavy ones.

Integration of Components in Electronic Technology has helped to realize a number of modern day gadgets. It has contributed in making electronic devices for water and dust proof, maintenance free and energy saving. It also allows devices to perform better.

Some of the most common electronic components used in the integration of electronic systems are Resistive and Capacitive touch screen, Optical data reader, capacitive automatic switch and infrared scanner. These are integrated in electronic devices to provide a better user interface. Capacitive touch screen is embedded with tiny capacitors that respond to the pressure applied on it. Optical data reader is used for inputting data into the computer. Capacitive automatic switch handles various electrical tasks such as switching off the power supply, switching on and off lights etc.

Integration of Components in Electronic Systems has made life much simpler. It has provided the facility to control various electrical equipment at a remote location. It also has made the distribution of power easy. These equipments are very light in weight and do not require too much space.

Integration of Components in Electronic Systems has become much easier over the years. This process is quite simple. It is a fact that without Integration of Components in Electronic Systems; devices may fail to perform the desired task because of lack of compatibility between them. In addition to that, integration has provided the facility to replace the damaged component with any other of the same quality and type. Due to this reason, the failure rate of Integrated Components in electronic devices has also declined dramatically.

Integration of Components in Electronic Systems allows you to save a lot of money. You do not need to have a dedicated staff to do this job for you. This way, Integrated Components can be integrated directly by using software applications in low-cost processes. As a result, you will be able to reduce the cost of manufacturing your products.

Seven Frontiers of Technological Frontier

Technological Frontier1

The technological frontier is an area of active research and development involving science and technology. frontier technology or high tech energy is defined as new, innovative, or often extremely sophisticated technologies which are not typically found in other areas of science and technology. It is often defined by a short list of specific goals such as “theoretical energy,” “cutting-edge technology,” frontier power technologies and allied services.” In order to define high tech energy and frontier technologies, we will explain what each of these terms means.

A frontier in the context of this definition is considered to be a line in the sand, or a point where something is new and trying to push the envelope of what is known. The technological frontier is a frontier where new technologies are developed. These technologies may include novel materials, new energy sources, or even energy production technologies (think nuclear fission and fusion). Often these technological frontier technologies are very complex and/or difficult to understand at first. In fact, they often require a paradigm shift in how we understand the world around us.

When we refer to a technological frontier, we are actually describing the difference between what is known and what is being discovered. Technological change is a change that creates a new field, subfield, or even technology. Therefore, any new technologies must push the boundaries of what we know. The pace at which such technologies evolve can be fast or slow; fast because new technologies are often more difficult to understand than older technologies, and slow because often new technologies are more difficult to modify to fit into preexisting designs. Either way, the result is a new product or technology. Although often considered a frontier, technological change is a normal part of the scientific endeavour.

Some think of technological frontier as a separation of technology and science. Although often cited in the same context as economic development, they are two different concepts. Economic development occurs within an economic framework. The technological frontier describes that area of science and technology where new goods and services are being developed. In short, it describes that part of the world that are not fully developed, but is going in that direction.

Consider two locations on the technological frontier: one in outer space, and one in the power generation area. Both of these locations have significant ramifications for the rest of the world economy. For example, research and development in space, or even re-use and recycling for power generation, both of these areas are vital to long-term space exploration and human well-being, but neither is self-sustaining.

Thus, while economic development in space may lead to greater access to new technologies and better ways of life for those who live there, technological change may reduce access to such technology and reduce new technologies’ viability for the people who need them most. Consider too the impact of emerging infectious disease. Those with weaker immune systems stand to lose the greatest benefits of any new technologies if an epidemic occurs, perhaps wiping out the human population.

On the positive side, many believe that increasing productivity is inevitable. Those who doubt this may point to the fact that since the 1970s, productivity growth has been stagnant at around two percent per year, even declining in the face of global recession. However, because of productivity convergence towards a knowledge economy, accelerating productivity growth is now within reach for a greater share of companies despite slower growth in per capita GDP.

That said, those who doubt that innovations will lead to increased economic development need only look to the tech industry. Innovation in technology drives much of the economy. Just as new technologies drive consumer spending, innovations drive technological investment, creating jobs and stimulating economic development.

technological frontier2

If you have been thinking about going to college, there is one common question that often comes up: What exactly is a technological frontier? Although this term is usually used in science-fiction movies, it can apply to any technological advancement that makes the lives of individuals easier or allows them to do things they could not do a few years ago. In many cases, the definition of a frontier also refers to an idea – like space, the internet, or electricity. A more specific definition is “the gap between where current technologies are located and where they will ultimately be available.”

Technological frontier power technologies group refers to those who think that tomorrow’s productivity will largely be driven by tomorrow’s technologies. frontier power technologies and allied services group refers to those who think that tomorrow’s productivity will largely be driven by tomorrow’s technologies. Just as food and medicine have to go hand in hand to make civilization function, so too must technologies that people use today to be compatible with the ones they will use tomorrow. The idea is called “comparison shopping” -it simply means that if a new technology is better than something that you currently use, it might make your life easier or more convenient tomorrow. Thus, the term” frontier power technologies and allied services” describe those who believe that we will continue to improve upon current inventions to the point that tomorrow’s technologies will be completely incompatible with what we have today. Although this seems like an obvious concept, many do not see it this way because it is a very complicated process; they would rather believe that future generations will continue to utilize whatever tools and innovations society already have.

If you believe that the definition of a technological frontier applies to you, consider taking a class related to the subject. There are numerous courses on the cutting-edge frontier technologies that will help you to explore the idea. frontier technology and allied services group at Stanford University offers a five-credit program, which provides a broad overview of the topics.

You can also delve into your educational roots to better understand some of the many different ways people use technology around you. For example, the state of Arkansas has a vibrant music scene, but it is heavily dependent on electronic downloads. On the other hand, in the California city of Oakland, techno fans can be found listening to the iPod after iPod. Because both are considered to be frontier technologies -and therefore subject to constant change – each place has local technological frontier zones.

While most of us envision the technological frontier when thinking about the future of technology, it also encompasses a broader range of ideas including political, technological and economic development. In theory, a frontier includes any place where things have yet to be invented, such as the future of communication or energy. Economists call the frontier of economic development a “Growth frontier,” because it is associated with new ideas for improving existing systems (think cellular phones or broadband Internet).

The theoretical frontier of technological development contains many important issues such as climate change, infectious disease, international trade and the power of the state. Global warming and the issue of environmental damage, whether through global warming, man made or not, has become one of the hottest topics in debate in recent years. Political power, while necessary for economic development, is also a challenge for society as a whole, because leaders of various countries have been willing to step outside of their political power and use national resources to address environmental issues. These international issues are part of what has become known as the Technological Frontier.

As noted above, there are many frontier areas where new technologies are being used to enhance economic growth and employment opportunities. Examples include transportation, food and chemicals, consumer products, information and communication technologies and medicine. Advances in any of these areas could have an enormous impact on the way we live and the type of economy we have, which is why there has been such a dramatic increase in research spending on these issues over the past several decades.

The research effort encompasses a wide range of endeavors from basic research to applied research and includes such diverse areas as anthropology, engineering, business, economics, law, health, humanities and technology. This appendix provides an explanation of each of the seven technologies listed above, with an explanation of the value of their adoption and their potential impact on economic development. It concludes by briefly examining some of the political and social considerations that should be considered before adoption of any new technologies.

How to improve Alexa rank of my Blog?

If you are a new blogger who is in search for effective and working tips of improving Alexa rank, then you are at absolutely right place. In this article we have provided very easy and effective tips to improve Alexa rank of a blog/website. How to build Quality Backlinks.
As you are reading this article, it suggests that you know “What is Alexa rank?”, but still for novice bloggers I will start from the very beginning.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is just another rank of websites which is calculated by (a subsidiary company of based on the number of visitors visiting the site who has Alexa toolbar installed on their web browsers and number of Backlinks (no matter whether it is do-follow or no-follow) a website has, pointing from other websites or webpages.

What is Importance of Alexa Rank?

Like other webmasters, I too personally feel that there is no such importance of Alexa rank for a blog/website as it can be easily tricked for better ranking. It does not have any connection with Google PageRank. But still some bloggers and webmasters give emphasis on Alexa ranking of a website, as it may be a factor in evaluating the value or worth of your blog/website and it may play some role in valuing the advertisement space on your blog. Some bloggers also think that Alexa is the next thing after Google Page rank to evaluate a website.

Verify Your Blog by Norton SafeWeb.

Tips to improve Alexa Rank of My Blog

Getting a good Alexa rank in few days or weeks is not a big deal, you just need to know some tips and tricks to do this and after that you can easily notice the Alexa Ranking of your blog is decreasing day by day in no time. So, here we at, we have provided very effective and valuable tips for decreasing (improving) the Alexa rank of your blog.


Claim (verify) your Blog at Alexa

Firstly, you need to claim your blog or website at Claiming a site at Alexa is very easy, you just need to sign up for a new account through your e-mail id or you can also login to Alexa through your Facebook account (if you donot want to sign up for a new account). After login at Alexa, claim your blog or website by adding a Meta tag to header of your site which is provided by Alexa or you can also upload a file to your site which is given by alexa to upload it in your server.


Install (Display) Alexa Rank Widget in your Blog/website

Placing an Alexa widget in homepage of your site can really boost the alexa ranking of your site all of sudden. Do not think that, if traffic of your website/blog is very low, then by placing Alexa widget, it can decrease your Alexa ranking due to tracking of low traffic to your site by Alexa. Alexa widget do not have any relation with traffic of your site, it just improves your Alexa ranking in no time.


Install Alexa Toolbar in your Web Browser

Alexa provides an option to install an Alexa toolbar into your web browser. It provides addons for Mozilla Firefox and other extensions for major web browsers including Google’s Chrome and Internet Explorer. You can download Alexa toolbar from Alexa’s official site i.e., ( After installing Alexa toolbar in your web browser, you can easily notice the improvements in Alexa ranking of your site within 2-3 days, if you visited your site regularly through Alexa toolbar installed web browser.


Build Backlinks for Your Blog for Better Alexa Ranking

In Alexa’s term, backlinks are also known by the name of “site-linking”. If you are able to make a large number of site-linking at top ranked websites, then it will surely improve Alexa ranking of your site. For building backlinks easily, you just need to comment on other sites and leaving a link at the end of comment of your own site. You can also get site-links from very popular and highly alexa ranked site like Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites by making a profile their, as Alexa counts both type of links namely do-follow and no-follow. So you do not need to take any headache for creating do-follow backlinks only to rank better in Alexa. To know more about do-follow and no-follow links you can visit this article (link) which provides a detailed description on creating do-follow backlinks.

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Update Blog at Regular Time interval to get Good Alexa Rank

For good alexa ranking of your site, a blog or website needs to be updated at regular interval of time with good content. If you do not update your site regulary, even after achieving good Alexa rank, Alexa can demote the rank of your site. For this, it is not compulsory that you should update your site daily, but make a routine to update your site/blog with specific time interval instead of updating it any time. If you can not update your site daily, then atleast make sure to update it in weakly or monthly basis like you can update it twice or thrice in a week.

How to build Quality Backlinks

As, in one of my article I told you that backlinking can be a very effective way to improve page rank of a webpage. So, here in this article I am going to cover some tips and tricks to build quality backlinks for you blog or website. First of all, let us learn some basic information regarding backlinks. ? Don’t forget to read Verify Your Blog by Norton SafeWeb if you are unaware of some very working ways of improving Page Rank.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links of your blog / website in any other webpage which directly points to your site or to webpage of your site when anybody clicks on that link. In simple words, backlinks are incoming links to your blog from other blogs or websites. Backlinks are also said as inbound links or incoming links.

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks are mainly of two types namely – do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks. Do-follow backlinks are those backlinks, which search engines and bots crawl and index them, while No-follow backlinks are not crawled and indexed by search engines and bots.
The do-follow backlinks have attribute rel=”dofollow” in link while no follow backlinks are given by rel=”nofollow” in the link.
1. For do-follow backlinks:
< a href = ”” rel=”dofollow”>

2. For No-follow Backlinks
a href= ”” rel=”nofollow”

What are Quality Backlinks?

Quality Backlinks are those backlinks which are pointed or redirected from same niche. For example, if your site has a backlink from technology related website to your sports content related website, then it is not a quality backlink. Let us take another example, if your site has a backlink from Microsoft’s official website to your technology related website on any article related to Windows or any other Microsoft product, then it is the best quality backlink that you can have.

Importance of Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks are very much essential to improve Page Rank of your blog and result better in search ranking. If you do not build quality backlinks and just making backlinks from anywhere without noticing the niche of website then Google may penalize your site instead of reputing it and may treat it as a spammer site. So, while building backlinks for you site, always try to focus on quality backlinks instead of building a number of inappropriate backlinks.

Tips to build Quality Backlinks:


Select the Target for Backlinks

The very first step in building quality backlinks is to select the target from where you can easily grab the backlinks for your blog.
If I elaborate it more, then it means you should to know the popular sites of your niche. For example, if you own a health related blog then search for other high PR health related blogs of your niche. In case you own an educational site, then search for other high ranked educational blogs. After selecting the target sites and blogs, try to contact their owners and ask them for Guest posting, link exchange or paid links.


Guest Posting – Well known way of building Backlinks

After selecting your targeted blogs, check whether they accept Guest posts or not. Generally most of the blogs accept Guest posts, if you write a very high quality article for them (as all love good and quality articles). While writing a guest post make sure to write a very good article of at least 500 words and you can provide a do-follow backlink in between of your article or at Guest author’s bio position (as most of the blogs provide backlinks at author’s bio position). Most of the webmasters allow two do-follow backlinks for a single guest post. So, you can make a large number of backlinks by writing more and more guests post. If you write one guest post daily, then you can easily get around 60-70 backlinks within one month.
We also accept guests post at, you can contact us for posting your articles here.


Commenting on Do-follow blogs – free backlinks without much efforts

The third step to build quality backlinks is commenting. Remember that, only simple commenting on any blog or site can not be helpful for making do-follow backlinks. For this, firstly you need to select or search for do-follow commenting blogs, it means search for those blogs which have activated do-follow in comments as by default WordPress blogs and most of the other blogs and sites have no-follow attribute in links to comments. So, for this you have to make a well plan and search for do-follow comment system blogs and leave a good comment there without spamming the sites. Many do-follow comment accepting sites uses ComLuv plugin which shows latest article of your site/ blog as do-follow. One such high PR site is which has a Page Rank of 7 and accepts do-follow comments. There are such many site which have high Page Rank and activated do=follow comment system, I will cover all those sites in my other article.


Use of Google Plus for Backlinks

Google Plus can be very helpful in building effective do-follow backlinks. If you do not know, then I would like to tell you that all the external and internal links in Google Plus are do-follow. So, here you can create a number of backlinks generated from a site with Page Rank 8, so utilize good use of your Google Plus profile and pages for generating large number of backlinks for your blog through Google itself.

I hope these 4 points will surely help you to make quality backlinks for your blog. Also read Windows Live Writer- Best Offline Blogging Application and How to check a link is Do-follow or No-follow?

Verify Your Blog by Norton SafeWeb

If you are a blogger or webmaster then do not forget to verify your blog from Norton Safeweb for better security and users experience. In this article, we have provided a detailed tutorial on how to verify a blog or website by Norton Websafe. So let us start with this: Windows Live Writer- Best Offline Blogging Application.

What is Norton Safeweb?

Before starting this tutorial to verify your site from Norton SafeWeb, you may think what is it!! So, I would like to tell you that Norton SafeWeb is a service from Symantec, which provides a safe environment for online internet users by giving a report to users of whether a site is safe to surf or not. If any site has a security issue or contains malwares and viruses, then it warns users about it.

For webmasters and site-owners in their words “site report is a great resource to help you identify and resolve security issues for users of your Web site. Our expert analysis may find security issues with your Web site that you were not aware of. You may also learn more about the experiences of your site’s visitors by reading the community site reviews.” In simple words, for site owners, this service helps them to detect any security issues or problems which they wre aware of till now. If your site has any security issues to its users then you site owners can correct them and resubmit their site for evaluation by Norton Safeweb. How to check a link is Do-follow or No-follow?

Steps to verify your site by Norton SafeWeb:

  1. First of all Sign-up for an account on the official site of Norton. Here is the link for Sign Up Page.
  2. After, signing up an account in Norton Safeweb, go to this link ( and click on “Add site” link below your user profile.
  3. When you click on “Add site”, a pop up window will open and it will ask for protocol ( http or https) and link of your site . Most of the normal sites have ‘http’ protocol, so do not confuse at the time of choosing a protocol. If you select wrong protocol of your site then it may create problems at the time of verification of your site.
  4. After adding your site, next step is to verify your website. There are three methods for verification of a site in Norton SafeWeb, in first one you can verify your site by adding a meta tag (which will provided by Norton safeWeb as shown in below image) at your homepage in header section just above the body. In second method, if you are unable to verify it by meta tag then you can pate some keywords at homepage of your site. The last way for verifying a site is by uploading a HTML file to root directory of your site.
  5. If you put a meta tag at wrong position then a pop window will open saying they are unable to verify your site, so if you are verifying your site by placing meta tag than make sure to place it at right position. For WP blogs, to add meta tags you can go to Dashboard >> Appearanc >> Editor >> Header and paste your meta tag in header section just above the body. How to add a Gravatar (Admin image) in WordPress

Now you are done. Within a week or it may take more days, you will the report of your site whether it is safe to surf or not. In case yourv site is found unsafe for normal surfing then you can correct the security issues and resubmit your site for getting a fresh report.

Windows Live Writer- Best Offline Blogging Application

Today in this article i am going to provide review of Windows Live Writer, which is a very good blogging software if you want to write your posts in offline mode. If you never heard about Windows live Writer before, then this article is very helpful for you. Read the detailed review of windows Live writer – a product by Microsoft below. :)

What is Windows Live Writer?

If you do not know, about Windows Live Writer or you are hearing about it first time, then don’t need to wonder about it. It is very famous software for Bloggers to write their articles from their Desktop and customize them effectively with a number of features provided by Windows Live Writer without connecting to internet. It means in Windows Live Writer, you can write your post and save them when you works offline, and when your article gets ready to publish finally, then through Windows Live Writer you can post to your Blog within seconds. Moreover, windows Live Writer saves your time as it provides you an option to write and edit your blog’s post offline. So. you do not need to connect to an Internet connection all the time.

Features of windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer provides you to work offline , if you have Blogspot, WordPress, Typepad, Windows Live Spaces, Share Point Blog and many other blogging platforms. The best thing about Windows Live Writer is that, this software is made by Microsoft and it is totally free to use if you have Windows Operating system installed on your PC.Windows Live Writer also features WYSIWYG and media editing, which provides a good user experience.

How to start with Windows Live writer

To start with windows Live writer right now, first of all download windows Live Writer from this linkWindows Live Writer. Windows Live Writer is currently available in two versions, first version is Windows Live Writer 2009 which is available for all to download, the second version of this software is Windows Live Writer, which is available to download to them only who have advanced version than windows XP, it means if you have Windows XP O.S. installed in your PC then you can not download it, in case you have Windows7 or other later versions of Windows then it is available to you for downloading. After downloading Windows Live writer follow these simple steps to get start with this amazing software.

  • When installation of Windows Live writer completes on your PC, then configure your blog to use this software. For this, firstly select your blogging platform, if you blog runs on WordPress or BlogSpot then select that, otherwise select the appropriate option as shown in below image. If you do not have a blog, then it allows you to create a blog at that moment only.
  • After selecting, the blogging platform, it will ask for Blog address, Username and its password to set up your blog into your Desktop for working in offline mode.
  •   It will take some minutes to download files from your blog and your current theme, as it will import all the settings and other scripts for better working.
  • After setting up the configuration of your blog, Windows live Writer will ask to select a nick name for this configured blog. You may leave as default which will include original blog name. Now you are ready to work with windows Live writer , if you host your blog in WordPress then you can also add a large number of live plugins to it.

Hope you will like this application from Microsoft, which provides you an offline option for writing your posts. You may also like to read How to check a link is Do-follow or No-followHow to add a Gravatar (Admin image) in WordPress and How to Transfer a Blog from WordPress to Blogspot.

How to check a link is Do-follow or No-follow?

Read this article to know, how to check a link is whether do-follow or no-follow. As many new bloggers and webmasters don’t know this, so through this post you can easily check the type of link.

I have found many new bloggers and webmasters, who keep on asking about ‘how to check a link is with do-follow attribute or no-follow attribute.’ So, in this article I have provided a very simple and easy method to check a do-follow and no-follow links.

Also read How to add a Gravatar (Admin image) in WordPress and How to Transfer a Blog from WordPress to Blogspot.

What is Do-follow link

For novice bloggers or those who are not familiar with the term do-follow and no-follow, can ask such a silly question. So, for them I would like to tell that do-follow is a link or backlink within a web page which is instructed to search engines and robots to crawl and follow. So, if a link is do-follow, then search engines are instructed or ordered to crawl that link and visit the link for deeper indexing of webpage.

What is No-follow link

No-follow link is very opposite to the do-follow link. If a link is not a do-follow, then it means it must be a no-follow. In ‘no-follow’ links, search engines are instructed to exclude the link from crawling.

How to code Do-follow and No-follow links

Coding a do-follow or no-follow link is very easy and simple. For this, you don’t need to be a programmer or great tech savvy. Just learn the following attributes and you are done. Here, I will elaborate it with an example.

1. For do-follow backlinks:
< a href = ”” rel=”dofollow”>

2. For No-follow Backlinks
a href= ”” rel=”nofollow”

Also read Top 3 Plugins to Display Author Bio Box.

How to Check whether a link is Do-follow or No-follow

To check whether a link is is do-follow or no-follow, is very much easy and any one can do it without any confusion. For this purpose, first of all download an add on in your Mozilla Firefox web browser whose name is “No follow”. Just download “No follow” add-on in your Firefox from here and install it in your browser. After installing it, re-start Firefox web browser and go to any website or webpage, where you can find a large number of links. Now, to check whether a link is no-follow or do-follow, just right and tick on “No follow” add on by clicking on it. You can also enable it by clicking on “Tools >> No follow” in your Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Now, you can easily notice, some of the links are shown with blue colour while others are shown with orange or red colour.The blue colour links are do-follow links while other i.e., red colour links are no-follow.

How to add a Gravatar (Admin image) in WordPress

If you are a new WordPress blogger then you may be interested to add a custom gravatar (profile pic) replacing the default logo of WordPress site. So read this post, to how to change the default WordPress logo from your WordPress profile and add a new image of your choice replacing the default one. How to Transfer a Blog from WordPress to Blogspot.

To add a gravatar follow these simple steps below :

1. First of all go to and register a new account there. To register a new account here, you firstly need to enter your email id as shown in below image.

2. After that, it will send a confirmation mail to your e-mail id, got your inbox and open your mail from Gravatar, now click on the link sent by Gravatar on your mail to verify your e-mail address. It will redirect you to the official site of Gravatar.

3. Now you have to Sign – Up for after confirming your e-mail address. To sign up enter your desirable username (it can’t be changed later, so enter wisely) which should be in small letters, then enter password for Gravatar account of your choice. Top 3 Plugins to Display Author Bio Box.

4. After  Signing up an account at, now you are ready to add Gravatar or your image of your choice, the default gravatar for any user is WordPress’s logo. Now, go to My Account at right corner of your screen and click on that, it will open a drop – down Menu as shown in below image.

5. Now in this drop-down Menu, click on “Add an Email Address” and go to its page to add the email address which you have entered in your WordPress profile (in user profile section), as i would like to tell you that the whole working of Gravatar is based on your e-mail address, whenever you will enter this e-mail address at comments in other sites or anywhere else then this Gravatar or image of your would be shown. In case you enter other email address at the time of commenting to other blogs, then it will show only default gravatar as it only works with e-mail address.

6. After, adding your e-mail address, now the last step is that add any pic or image of your choice, which you want to show to others as a Gravatar, by again going to My Account >> add an image. Just chose your image from your computer’s hard disk drive or Internet and upload there. After uploading, it will ask to crop the image for Gravatar purpose, so crop it and save it. Now Pinterest Is Open for All without Invitation.

Congratulations!! Now, the Gravatar for your profile is ready, which will be shown on all the websites, if you enter correct e-mail address. You can also use, Author Bio plugin in your blog, which will show an Author box in each post at bottom position showing your image and your description, as you can see here in my blog :) .

How to Transfer a Blog from WordPress to Blogspot

If you are planning to migrate/ move or transfer your WordPress blog to Blogspot, then this article will guide you on how to transfer a WordPress blog to Blogspot. Blogspot is very widely used free blogging platform, which can ensure a great security, easy usability, traffic, pre-SEO optimized capability and many other services. Though, WordPress is also a very good blogging platform and millions of websites run on WordPress, but due to various reasons, one may want to move from WordPress to Blogspot.

I think main purpose of moving from a WordPress blog to BlogSpot blog is that, Blogspot is totally free to use and customizable, while in, you have to purchase webhosting which is very costly along with domain name. Moreover, in WordPress blog, you have to protect your blog from various security issues in your own level, like it may be h4cked easily if you do not focus on its security, it may also face some severe problems if someone cr4cks the database of your WordPress blog. So, in security concern, Blogspot is much safer as it is totally maintained by Google and runs on Google’s servers.

Also read Top 3 Plugins to Display Author Bio Box.

If you want to migrate your WordPress blog completely from WordPress to Blogspot, then follow these simple steps given below.

1. For transferring or moving your WordPress blog, the first step is to login into your WordPress dashboard then go to “Tools” and click on “Export” option, by doing this you will  see three options in your Dashboard to export. In first option it will give option to export all the contents, in second you can export only posts while in third option it provides you facility to export pages of your blog.

2. So, for migrating your whole blog from WordPress to Blogspot, you need to select first option, i.e., to export all the contents. after that,  click on the “download export file”. Through this, it will make the backup of all your contents and allow you to download it into your hard disk drive. Now Pinterest Is Open for All without Invitation.

3. After downloading whole export file of your WordPress blog, go to WordPress 2 Blogger converter, and upload your downloaded file to this app, it will convert your WordPress exported files to Blogspot compatible format. After converting the files, again download it in your hard disk.

4. Now go to your Blogspot account by entering your Google account details and create a new blog. Choose any title and BlogSpot url of your choice for your new blog. After creating it, go to “Settings” of your newly created Blogspot blog.

5. Now in “Settings”, click on “Other” option which is at last under setting menu. Now, there you can find “Import Blog” , “Export Blog” and “Delete Blog” option at the top of page adjacent to Blog tools. So, now click on “Import Blog” option and upload your WordPress to Blogspot converted files here. Facebook Fanpage Mass Invitation Trick.

Congratulations!! Now you have successfully moved your WordPress blog to Blogspot blog. You can easily choose a custom domain name or your pre registered domain in BlogSpot blog, replacing traditional and preregistered domain name of BlogSpot postfix.

Top 3 Plugins to Display Author Bio Box

Here we have provided top 3 WordPress plugins which shows Author bio box in your WordPress blog. These plugins are very easy to integrate in your blog to show Author’s about me section in  WordPress powered blogs.

Now a days, most of the new WordPress themes provides an option to show Author’s Bio box in each post either below the post or above the post, as this short bio of Author connects the readers of blog in much better way and effectively. But, if your WordPress theme does not support this feature, then do not worry, here in this post we have provided top five best plugins to show Author’s bio box in your WordPress blog.

Also read Now Pinterest Is Open for All without Invitation.

If your WordPress theme does not sports impressive and attractive, Author’s about me box then I recommend you to try any one of these free plugins to provide an attractive Author’s about me or Author’s bio box in all posts of your WordPress blog. If your blog accepts Guest posts, then these plugins are good choice to display a short biography of Author’s of your blog. Moreover, by displaying Author’s box in your blog, it provides some info about author to readers of a blog, which can increase the traffic of your blog as it makes sure to re-visit your blog more often by your trusted visitors and readers.

So, here is a list of top five “About Author” or “Author’s Bio” box displaying plugins.

1. Author Box After Posts

This plugin is very popular in WP sites and you can easily find it in many WP powered blogs. The “Author Box After Posts”plugin shows Author’s name, number of posts on current blog, author’s avatar, site link and personal description in Author’s box below each post of the blog. It also displays Author’s e-mail and twitter account link to keep in touch with Author to visitors of the blog. The screen shot of this plugin is shown below, I think this is one of the best plugins to display “About Author” box in your blog.

You can install this plugin directly from your dashboard by searching it, or Facebook Fanpage Mass Invitation Trick.

2. Easy Author Box

“Easy Author Box” plugin provides an option to display biography or ‘about Author’ box in your blog in each post, page and categories. You can customize it, whether you want to display Author’s bio box above the posts, pages or below the posts, pages of your blog. In addition to this, you can also display it at both position i.e., above the posts, pages and below the posts, pages but displaying it at both positions, it also give a good look to your posts. The, best thing which I liked about this plugin is that, it also displays recent posts by the author in Author’s bio box, through which readers can easily read the other recent posts published by the same author. It also shows gravatar of author along with Author’s name. The screen shot of this plugin is shown below.

To install this plugin, you can search on Dashboard in plugin section or Your Private Data is Not Secure in Facebook.

3. DT Author Box

DT author box is also an impressive plugin to display author’s bio in all of your posts. This is also a free plugin to use and install. This plugin also performs the job well to display author’s bio box in all of the posts and pages of your blog. This plugin easily adds an author box signature to the end of your posts or articles with little setup. Adds profile image, author bio, author twitter link, and author website link. All settings can be found under user profile to customize the description of this plugin. The screenshot of this plugin is shown below.

You can install this plugin directly from your dashboard by searching it on plugin section, or DOWNOADit from here and upload to your WP directory.

Hope, you will like all these plugins. You may found many other plugins too in plugins directory of WordPress, but i posted about only these plugins as i have personally used them. You can find a number of many other such plugins which can serve the same purpose. Do not forget to let us know, which plugin you are using to display author’s bio in your blog, if you are not using default theme’s feature. Also mention, if this list is missing any fantastic and popular plugin, we will add that soon.