How to move from Gmail to

Last week, Microsoft has launched its new e-mail service by the name of So, here we have described a way, on how to move or upgrade from current gmail account to Outlook account. So, let us begin to move from Gmail to Top 10 Trusted Stores for Online Shopping in India。

1. Sign-up for an account

First step to move your gmail account to account is to create an e-mail account at Outlook, if still you do not have an Outlook account. In case, you already own an email account, then there is no need of Sign-Up for a new account of Outlook.
Now after creating your Outlook account, keep log-ined to your account by entering username and password in login section.

2. Forward your mails from Gmail to Outlook

After creating an account, you need to forward all your new emails to inbox of For forwarding your new emails to, firstly you have to connect the both accounts i.e., Gmail and Outlook by following the below mentioned procedure.
• Sign-In to your G-mail account.
• Go to “Add a forwarding address” in settings and enter your Outlook id here.
• After entering correct, id, click on OK in the confirmation window as shown in below image.
Now after this Set-up, gmail will send an e-mail to your Outlook account for confirming the entered e-mail address for forwarding your mails. So, for this goto your Outlook inbox andd open the confirmation mail sent by Gmail team, and click on the confirmation link. Now, you have done half of work for moving from Gmail to outlook account as you have confirmed that you want your e-mails to be forwarded from your gmail account to account.

Now follow the below steps to start the forwarding procedure of your new e-mails from Gmail to
• Go back to settings page of your g-mail account.
• Then, click on “Forward a copy of incoming mail” option and start forwarding them to your Outlook account. This step will keep a copy of forwarded mails in g-mail inbox too.
• Now, finally click on the “Save Changes” button.

3. Set up your G-mail address to send mails from Outlook

Now, the third step is to enable Outlook to use your Gmail address when you send mail to anyone. For this, go to Settings >> More Mail Settings on account and click on “Managing your account” option and select “sending/rteceiving emails from other accounts.” After this step, on next screen click on “add another account to send from”, now simply enter your gnail account name in the box labeled “Add an email addres”. And click on the button “Send verification email”. After these steps you have to go back to your gmail account and confirm your e-mail address. [How To] Improve the Speed of Samsung Galaxy S3

4. Transfer your Gmail Contacts to Outlook

Now the second last step is to import all the contacts of Gmail account to Outlook account. Now for importing all your contact details We will go to the People page to import contacts. Just click on the little “down-arrow” next to Outlook in the header (it will show up when you hover over the header”), after Then click on “People” >> Google Contacts, You’ll see a pop-up window which will lead you through your account to your Gmail contacts. Click “Connect,” then enter your Gmail sign-in information. You will see a confirmation screen, which shows you that Gmail is confirming that Microsoft is asking to connect to your Gmail contacts. Click “Allow access.” You’ll get a final confirmation screen, and you can click “Done.”
You’ll also get a confirmation email in your inbox telling you that you’ve connected Contacts from your Gmail account.It might take a little while for your Gmail Contacts to be imported. When they are, they will show up right in Outlook – both on the People and Compose pages.

Congratulations!!! You have shifted from your old gmail account to new account. If ytou want to import your old emails from gmail to outlook, then i will tell this procedure im my next tutorial. Top 5 Best Android Phones Below 15K in India

Top 10 Trusted Stores for Online Shopping in India

Gone are the days, when people used to go to near by stores to check the availability of any product in their cities (specially newly launched products and items). Now, in this very fast world, no individual have so much of time to go here and there for shopping. In this regard, technology is helping a lot to people to get their desired products in the home itself.

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Now-a-days, people can order any product or item by just few clicks through their PC while working at office or home, and the product is delivered in their home within few days (some times as fast as on the very same day). This wide use of internet marketing and shopping is very much popular in metro cities but now the people of small towns and cities are also getting this benefit as they have also started to purchase their items from online stores due to cheaper availability of products. So, here in this article i have listed top five online shopping websites which are very safe to purchase any product. These sites are very secure and they will never cheat you on any issue, as i have been purchasing many items from these sites and till now never faced any problem.


The Flipkart is a very popular online shopping portal whose advertisements can be seen on many websites and TV commercials. Flipkart is mainly famous for electronic items and books, but you can order a large variety of items from this website including Mobile phones and their accessories, computers – desktops and laptops, cameras, PC games, PC softwares, Music, Movies and Posters, Home and Kitchen goods, watches, beauty and health care products and much more. is among one of very trusted and safe online stores in India. Its product delivery is very fast and customer support is responsive and quick. Moreover, through this site you can also place “Cash On Delivery” orders of any product. Cash On Delivery or C.O.D is the facility in which you don’t need to pay at the time of ordering the item, but you have to pay the money when product reaches to your home. So, if  you fear or hesitate to make online transactions then C.O.D (Cash On Delivery) is a good option for you to be in safe side.

2. is the second most popular and safe web site for online shopping in India. In this site, along with purchasing your favourite items and goods, if you are a seller and want to sell your products online, then you can easily register yourself as seller here. In EBay, you can find almost everything, yes it has a very wide collection which can easily fulfill your needs. In EBay, you can also buy second hand items along with new products. It is really a very fantastic website to shop online. According to EBay in about us section “EBay is the world’s online Marketplace, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis.”

The products on EBay are not sold by company, but they are sold by the registered sellers and EBay monetize their activity and payments to avoid cheats and frauds. Si, in overall EBay is a good place for both buyers and sellers in the field of online shopping.


The Futurebazaar is the third very popular site in India. It is owned by Future Bazaar India Ltd who also run the Bigbazaars, Pantaloon and Ezone in your city. The Futurebazaar provides a wide range of products including electronic items, home and kitchen products, home decorating items, cosmetics and makeup, computer peripherals and many other products.


Yebhi is also a very secure and popular online store for shopping in India. Yebhi offers a lot of items to sell including shoes, clothes, bags, jewellery, electronics goods, mobiles and tablets, home and kitchen items, lingerie items, Mobile/DTH recharges and many other lifestyle items. Yebhi also provides C.O.D ()Cash On Delivery) facility for many products. is owned by Big Shoe Bazaar India Pvt Ltd, which is one of the fastest growing company in India. Yebhi has also achieved “Online Retail Award” for the year 2011.


Home Shop18 is very much popular in TV advertisements and you can see many TV commercial advertisements of Homeshop18 in few channels which are partnered with it. This website is ranked at fifth position in the list of top 10 trusted and secure online shopping stores at The site offers a variety of products like Books, Cameras, Mobiles and accessories, Apparels, Jewellery and watches along with many other electronic and other products.

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Snapdeal provides a lot of items which includes local daily deals on local restaurants, shops, saloons. Snapdeal provides deals of your city that’s why it asks you to select your city, when you visit the site for the first time. The site also provides Cash On Delivery facility to many selected cities. Snapdeal also provides many coupons to its customers for bargaining at regular interval of time, by sending coupons to your mobile numbers and e-mails.

7. is placed at seventh position in the list of top 10  online shopping places in India at The site claims themselves to be India’s largest Online Super Market which is compromises of more than 11,500 products in their web store. The also claims to provide free home delivery within 48 hours and discount up to 60% on various items.

8. is also a widely used and one among very popular sites for online shopping in India. This online store is owned by Ibibo group. The site offers a large no. of products to its customers including Books, music, movies, gadgets, fashion apparel and other accessories which are useful and needed in your day to day lifestyle.


According to their official site, “ is a very fast growing online shopping portal built to provide you with the largest section of products, intuitive interface and delightful experience.” They offer a large variety of products within India with good customer support facility. Connecting Laptop or Computer to Your TV


Infibeam is a major online shopping portal in India and it is mainly famous of ordering of books and magazines, but site also provides other products including Mobile phones, Gifts & flowers, Auto & services, etc. Infibeam is very secure and safe to order any product, but most of the people visit this online store to search for the books and Magazines, which are easily available here with great discount. According to their official site ” There are shopping portals and then there is – an exciting online shopping destination in India that makes your shopping an unforgettable experience. stores some of the coolest products like Books, Mobile phones, Computers and Accessories, Cameras, Watches, Health Equipments, Apparel, Cakes, Chocolates, Flowers, Combo Gifts and much more. And these products are up for grab at guaranteed lowest price.”

Hope, you will find this list of online stores useful, if this list is missing any very famous and widely used online shopping store, then do not forget to let us know about it by commenting below.