How to add a Gravatar (Admin image) in WordPress

If you are a new WordPress blogger then you may be interested to add a custom gravatar (profile pic) replacing the default logo of WordPress site. So read this post, to how to change the default WordPress logo from your WordPress profile and add a new image of your choice replacing the default one. How to Transfer a Blog from WordPress to Blogspot.

To add a gravatar follow these simple steps below :

1. First of all go to and register a new account there. To register a new account here, you firstly need to enter your email id as shown in below image.

2. After that, it will send a confirmation mail to your e-mail id, got your inbox and open your mail from Gravatar, now click on the link sent by Gravatar on your mail to verify your e-mail address. It will redirect you to the official site of Gravatar.

3. Now you have to Sign – Up for after confirming your e-mail address. To sign up enter your desirable username (it can’t be changed later, so enter wisely) which should be in small letters, then enter password for Gravatar account of your choice. Top 3 Plugins to Display Author Bio Box.

4. After  Signing up an account at, now you are ready to add Gravatar or your image of your choice, the default gravatar for any user is WordPress’s logo. Now, go to My Account at right corner of your screen and click on that, it will open a drop – down Menu as shown in below image.

5. Now in this drop-down Menu, click on “Add an Email Address” and go to its page to add the email address which you have entered in your WordPress profile (in user profile section), as i would like to tell you that the whole working of Gravatar is based on your e-mail address, whenever you will enter this e-mail address at comments in other sites or anywhere else then this Gravatar or image of your would be shown. In case you enter other email address at the time of commenting to other blogs, then it will show only default gravatar as it only works with e-mail address.

6. After, adding your e-mail address, now the last step is that add any pic or image of your choice, which you want to show to others as a Gravatar, by again going to My Account >> add an image. Just chose your image from your computer’s hard disk drive or Internet and upload there. After uploading, it will ask to crop the image for Gravatar purpose, so crop it and save it. Now Pinterest Is Open for All without Invitation.

Congratulations!! Now, the Gravatar for your profile is ready, which will be shown on all the websites, if you enter correct e-mail address. You can also use, Author Bio plugin in your blog, which will show an Author box in each post at bottom position showing your image and your description, as you can see here in my blog :) .

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