How to Choose an E-Cigarette Refillable Ice Cooler For Your Home

The VapeCiga Uwell Acrylic Water Cooler is a revolutionary product that is the answer to having all the convenience of a refrigerator, with all of the space. It has a space to place two bottles of your favorite beverage or juice. No more opening those big glass bottles to get a drink. No more reaching for the ice just to get your soda. With the VapeCiga Uwell Acrylic Water Cooler, you will never have to worry about missing a perfect cup of ice cream again.

The Uwell acrylic water cooler is a simple, sleek, and efficient design. It has a patented, pull-out-water cooler design that is easily installed in minutes without the help of a trained professional. This means you can place your Uwell in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere you want it to go. Simply pull out the two bottles, pop in a bottle of your favorite beverage, and you are ready to drink. You can choose from one of three models of the Uwell; the Uwell Mini (which is the smallest), the Uwell Class (which offers more bottle space), or the Uwell Centric (which has both bottle storage and ice dispenser). There are also several sizes of coolers to choose from.

The main attraction of this product is its unique pull-out cooler design. The patented design allows you to pull out a bottle of your favorite beverage without ever removing it from its place on the cooler. Simply put the bottle in the top area, pull it down, and pull it out again. You can drink while you wait for another bottle of your favorite beverage.

The Uwell Centric cooler does everything a larger Uwell cooler does, except it has ice dispensers and bottle storage. If you drink mostly soda, you will find this system very handy for keeping refreshing treats like soda pops. The ice-cream dispenser is also located on the side of the cooler, rather than on top, so you have some room to open up the Uwell Centric to add ice cream or other treats. The cooler is also quite roomy, with room to store a number of bottles.

In addition to all the features listed above, the Uwell Cold AVA line includes an upgraded version of their popular Uwell Vaporizers and Vape Pens. The vaporizers and pens include a mouthpiece for easy application and a replaceable heating element for constant warm heating. Both of these products are extremely popular among vapers, as they allow you to take advantage of the best that electronic cigarettes have to offer in the way of ease of use and long sessions lasting several hours. Some people may find the increased efficiency of these products as a negative, however.

The Uwell Centric cooler includes a freezer bag which allows you to store more than one bottle of e-juice at a time. This means you can keep several bottles at once without having to keep your other bottles and Chillers out of the way, taking up room. If you’re using an e-juice recipe that gives you many flavors, this is an extremely useful feature. The freezer bag keeps all the flavors with you as you change flavors, rather than having to keep refilling the cooler every time you want to take a drink. You’ll have extra e-juice at your fingertips, ready to go.

While it’s important to get the right size of cooler based on the number of bottles you regularly consume, you should also take some time to make sure the unit isn’t going to be too big for your specific needs. It’s nice to have a variety of sizes available, but if the Uwell Caliburn is going to be the only one you’ve got, don’t get one that’s too big for what you need. You will also want to check to see if you need to put your cooler on a shelf, near the wall. Some models allow you to place the cooler against the wall to keep it off the floor, but others require you to lock it in place.

Take some time to think about how you use your Uwell Caliburn ice cooler, and then think about what kind of cooler you need. If you want something lightweight and easy to store, go with the Uwell Miniature E-Cigarette Refillable Ice Colder. If you need a larger cooler that won’t let you down when making multiple drinks at once, check out the Uwell Centra Cooler & Ice Maker combo.

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