How to build Quality Backlinks

As, in one of my article I told you that backlinking can be a very effective way to improve page rank of a webpage. So, here in this article I am going to cover some tips and tricks to build quality backlinks for you blog or website. First of all, let us learn some basic information regarding backlinks. ? Don’t forget to read Verify Your Blog by Norton SafeWeb if you are unaware of some very working ways of improving Page Rank.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the links of your blog / website in any other webpage which directly points to your site or to webpage of your site when anybody clicks on that link. In simple words, backlinks are incoming links to your blog from other blogs or websites. Backlinks are also said as inbound links or incoming links.

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks are mainly of two types namely – do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks. Do-follow backlinks are those backlinks, which search engines and bots crawl and index them, while No-follow backlinks are not crawled and indexed by search engines and bots.
The do-follow backlinks have attribute rel=”dofollow” in link while no follow backlinks are given by rel=”nofollow” in the link.
1. For do-follow backlinks:
< a href = ”” rel=”dofollow”>

2. For No-follow Backlinks
a href= ”” rel=”nofollow”

What are Quality Backlinks?

Quality Backlinks are those backlinks which are pointed or redirected from same niche. For example, if your site has a backlink from technology related website to your sports content related website, then it is not a quality backlink. Let us take another example, if your site has a backlink from Microsoft’s official website to your technology related website on any article related to Windows or any other Microsoft product, then it is the best quality backlink that you can have.

Importance of Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks are very much essential to improve Page Rank of your blog and result better in search ranking. If you do not build quality backlinks and just making backlinks from anywhere without noticing the niche of website then Google may penalize your site instead of reputing it and may treat it as a spammer site. So, while building backlinks for you site, always try to focus on quality backlinks instead of building a number of inappropriate backlinks.

Tips to build Quality Backlinks:


Select the Target for Backlinks

The very first step in building quality backlinks is to select the target from where you can easily grab the backlinks for your blog.
If I elaborate it more, then it means you should to know the popular sites of your niche. For example, if you own a health related blog then search for other high PR health related blogs of your niche. In case you own an educational site, then search for other high ranked educational blogs. After selecting the target sites and blogs, try to contact their owners and ask them for Guest posting, link exchange or paid links.


Guest Posting – Well known way of building Backlinks

After selecting your targeted blogs, check whether they accept Guest posts or not. Generally most of the blogs accept Guest posts, if you write a very high quality article for them (as all love good and quality articles). While writing a guest post make sure to write a very good article of at least 500 words and you can provide a do-follow backlink in between of your article or at Guest author’s bio position (as most of the blogs provide backlinks at author’s bio position). Most of the webmasters allow two do-follow backlinks for a single guest post. So, you can make a large number of backlinks by writing more and more guests post. If you write one guest post daily, then you can easily get around 60-70 backlinks within one month.
We also accept guests post at, you can contact us for posting your articles here.


Commenting on Do-follow blogs – free backlinks without much efforts

The third step to build quality backlinks is commenting. Remember that, only simple commenting on any blog or site can not be helpful for making do-follow backlinks. For this, firstly you need to select or search for do-follow commenting blogs, it means search for those blogs which have activated do-follow in comments as by default WordPress blogs and most of the other blogs and sites have no-follow attribute in links to comments. So, for this you have to make a well plan and search for do-follow comment system blogs and leave a good comment there without spamming the sites. Many do-follow comment accepting sites uses ComLuv plugin which shows latest article of your site/ blog as do-follow. One such high PR site is which has a Page Rank of 7 and accepts do-follow comments. There are such many site which have high Page Rank and activated do=follow comment system, I will cover all those sites in my other article.


Use of Google Plus for Backlinks

Google Plus can be very helpful in building effective do-follow backlinks. If you do not know, then I would like to tell you that all the external and internal links in Google Plus are do-follow. So, here you can create a number of backlinks generated from a site with Page Rank 8, so utilize good use of your Google Plus profile and pages for generating large number of backlinks for your blog through Google itself.

I hope these 4 points will surely help you to make quality backlinks for your blog. Also read Windows Live Writer- Best Offline Blogging Application and How to check a link is Do-follow or No-follow?

Facebook Fanpage Mass Invitation Trick

To invite all the facebook friends about your new page manually takes a lot of time and energy. If you have a long list of friends in your facebook profile, then it may take many hours to invite all your friends for liking your facebook fanpage. So, here we have provided very easy and simple tutorial to invite all the friends of your profile in very short duration of time without wasting any time in selecting your friends manually and then inviting them. Your Private Data is Not Secure in Facebook.

In this trick, you will need a Firefox web browser for mass or bulk invitation. This trick will save a lot of time, as if you have 5,000 facebook friends in your facebook profile, then if you start inviting all of your friends to like your page without trick then you need to select all the friends manually by ticking on them, which is very boring and time consuming. What, if we provide you an auto running script which can tick all your friends very fastly!!! Yes, in this tutorial we will provide you an auto running script which you have to execute in firefox and it will select all your friends within seconds for invitation.

So, Here is a step by step procedure for inviting all your facebook friends to like your page within seconds.

  1. Sign-In to your Facebook account through Firefox web browser.
  2. Now open your facebook page and go to its admin panel and click on “Build Audience” then a drop down menu will be opened, now select “invite friends” option.
  3. When you click on “invite friends”, within few seconds a pop up window will appear showing some of your friends, most of the time it shows friends with “recent interactions” so you need to selct show “Search all friends”  option at the top left side of pop up window as shown in below image.
  4. Now scroll down the scroll bar till all the friends of your profile are loaded completely. If you have thousands of friends then it may took some seconds to scroll down till the last, if you have less number of seconds then it will not take much time.
  5. When you have reached till last by scrolling, now go to Tools >> Web Developer and then click on Scratchpad at the Top of Firefox.
  6. Above step will open a scratch pad which looks like as shown in below image.
  7.  Now to select all you friends you need to paste this java script in your scratchpad for mass invitation.
javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName("checkableitems[]");for (i=0;i < elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type="checkbox" )elms[i].click()};

Just copy and paste above java script in your scratchpad.

8. Now goto click on “Execute” then “Run” at the top of Scratchpad, wait for few seconds and this will select all the    friends which have been loaded in invite friends pop up window in step 4. When it selects all the friends completely, simply click on Submit button and it will invite all your friends to like your facebook fanpage.

Congratulatoins!! You have done it saving a lot of your precious time. Do not forget to read Tips to Choose a Good Handset and How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Galaxy S3.

Do not think that this process is lengthy; it takes few minutes to follow all steps. You may hink this article looks lengthy, so procedure may be difficult and lengthy, but I have divided this tutorial in step by step processes to understand it easily by all. So, if you want to invite all your friends to like your facebook fanpage then it is the best option to invite them quickly.

How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Galaxy S3

If recently you have purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone replacing your old iPhone due to more features and specification of Galaxy S3 in comparison to iPhone then its good. But what if you loose all of your messages in your old iPhone because you have moved to your new Phone!!! So, here we are providing a method on how to transfer your text messages from your old phone to new Samsung Galaxy S3. Top 5 Best Android Phones below Rs 10,000 in India.

It is very simple to transfer all the SMS, images and other important documents from your old phone i.e., iPhone to new Samsung Galaxy S3. Follow the given below procedure for doing the same, here I have provided all the procedure in steps for the convenience of readers.

1. First of all  download any software like SMS to PC Click here to download this Software and know its further details or DiskAid5 which can transfer all your files from iPhone to your PC very easily. The SMS to PC software is paid but you can download its trial version which will work for you. You can also download DiskAi5, which is free to use and is very small in size (only 3MB).

2. Now transfer all the messages of your iPhone to your computer using SMS to PC transfer software or you can also use many other softwares like BackupTrans, DiskAid5 etc. You can also transfer you important documents and files to your PC through the same softwares. These softwares will extract all of  your message from iPhone and store in your PC in a csv (comma separated value) file or plain text file. Top 5 Cheap Android phones between 5K – 6K in India,

3. Now, the third step is to move your text messages from your PC to your new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, for this we will use a Windows software known by the name of VeryAndroid ( which is not free to use fully but you can download its trial version or you may also download a free Android app software by the name SMS to Text ( in your samsung Galaxy S3 phone, which can also serve the same purpose. Now SMS to Text can import all of your messages into your Samsung phone, when you Export your SMS as text file or csv file and save on SD card. It is very Fast and easy to backup your messages.

Some of the key features of this Android app are as follows :

* Filter by contact, in/out SMS
* Sort by date, in/out SMS, number with ascending or descending order
* Export file type
* Normal plain text (*.txt)
* CSV, comma-separated values (*.csv)
* Optimize fast export engine
* Import SMS from output .txt file
* Selectable date and time format
* Support Windows, Unix, Mac plain text format and BOM

Congratulations!! You have successfully transferred oll os your text messages from iPhone to new Samsung Galaxy S3 within minutes. How to move from Gmail to

How to move from Gmail to

Last week, Microsoft has launched its new e-mail service by the name of So, here we have described a way, on how to move or upgrade from current gmail account to Outlook account. So, let us begin to move from Gmail to Top 10 Trusted Stores for Online Shopping in India。

1. Sign-up for an account

First step to move your gmail account to account is to create an e-mail account at Outlook, if still you do not have an Outlook account. In case, you already own an email account, then there is no need of Sign-Up for a new account of Outlook.
Now after creating your Outlook account, keep log-ined to your account by entering username and password in login section.

2. Forward your mails from Gmail to Outlook

After creating an account, you need to forward all your new emails to inbox of For forwarding your new emails to, firstly you have to connect the both accounts i.e., Gmail and Outlook by following the below mentioned procedure.
• Sign-In to your G-mail account.
• Go to “Add a forwarding address” in settings and enter your Outlook id here.
• After entering correct, id, click on OK in the confirmation window as shown in below image.
Now after this Set-up, gmail will send an e-mail to your Outlook account for confirming the entered e-mail address for forwarding your mails. So, for this goto your Outlook inbox andd open the confirmation mail sent by Gmail team, and click on the confirmation link. Now, you have done half of work for moving from Gmail to outlook account as you have confirmed that you want your e-mails to be forwarded from your gmail account to account.

Now follow the below steps to start the forwarding procedure of your new e-mails from Gmail to
• Go back to settings page of your g-mail account.
• Then, click on “Forward a copy of incoming mail” option and start forwarding them to your Outlook account. This step will keep a copy of forwarded mails in g-mail inbox too.
• Now, finally click on the “Save Changes” button.

3. Set up your G-mail address to send mails from Outlook

Now, the third step is to enable Outlook to use your Gmail address when you send mail to anyone. For this, go to Settings >> More Mail Settings on account and click on “Managing your account” option and select “sending/rteceiving emails from other accounts.” After this step, on next screen click on “add another account to send from”, now simply enter your gnail account name in the box labeled “Add an email addres”. And click on the button “Send verification email”. After these steps you have to go back to your gmail account and confirm your e-mail address. [How To] Improve the Speed of Samsung Galaxy S3

4. Transfer your Gmail Contacts to Outlook

Now the second last step is to import all the contacts of Gmail account to Outlook account. Now for importing all your contact details We will go to the People page to import contacts. Just click on the little “down-arrow” next to Outlook in the header (it will show up when you hover over the header”), after Then click on “People” >> Google Contacts, You’ll see a pop-up window which will lead you through your account to your Gmail contacts. Click “Connect,” then enter your Gmail sign-in information. You will see a confirmation screen, which shows you that Gmail is confirming that Microsoft is asking to connect to your Gmail contacts. Click “Allow access.” You’ll get a final confirmation screen, and you can click “Done.”
You’ll also get a confirmation email in your inbox telling you that you’ve connected Contacts from your Gmail account.It might take a little while for your Gmail Contacts to be imported. When they are, they will show up right in Outlook – both on the People and Compose pages.

Congratulations!!! You have shifted from your old gmail account to new account. If ytou want to import your old emails from gmail to outlook, then i will tell this procedure im my next tutorial. Top 5 Best Android Phones Below 15K in India

[How to]Schedule windows to shutdown at specific time

Sometimes when your pc is doing some background task or downloading something,which may takes a couple of hours and you probably don’t want to sit all the time in front of your pc.Then this trick might be useful to you.You can schedule windows to shutdown your pc at specific time or after a specific time and give your pc some rest.This trick works on all windows versions.Just you have to do is to type some keywords and you don’t need to install any software.

Follow the steps below:

1.Go to start ->Run.

2.Type in ‘shutdown -s -t 120‘ (without quotes)and press Enter.Your computer will shut down in 120 seconds. Change 120 to any number (in seconds) you want.

You could also use ‘at 22:13 shutdown -s‘ to specify the time to shutdown. Just change 22:13 to any time that you want (must be in 24 hours format).

Important: If at any time you wish to cancel the operation, type in the command ‘shutdown -a

-s and -t used above are command switches, which are explained below:
-s : Shutdown the computer.
-t : Set a given time for shutdown, in seconds.
-r : Restart the computer.
-l :Log off the user.
-a :Cancels a system shutdown already in progress.
-f :Forces running applications to close without warning.

You can use any of these switches to your liking.But make sure you don’t have any unsaved work.


You can also create shortcuts to these on your desktop.Just follow the steps:

1.Right click on your desktop and select  New->Shortcut.

2.Copy and paste ‘shutdown.exe -s -t 120‘ in the text field of the new shortcut window.Change 120 with your desired time(in seconds).

3.Click Next and give your shortcut a name.

4.Click finish and that’s it.

You can also create shortcuts of log off,restart,cancel shutdown etc. with the help of command switches as explained above.

Any questions?Post it as a comment here!