How to check a link is Do-follow or No-follow?

Read this article to know, how to check a link is whether do-follow or no-follow. As many new bloggers and webmasters don’t know this, so through this post you can easily check the type of link.

I have found many new bloggers and webmasters, who keep on asking about ‘how to check a link is with do-follow attribute or no-follow attribute.’ So, in this article I have provided a very simple and easy method to check a do-follow and no-follow links.

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What is Do-follow link

For novice bloggers or those who are not familiar with the term do-follow and no-follow, can ask such a silly question. So, for them I would like to tell that do-follow is a link or backlink within a web page which is instructed to search engines and robots to crawl and follow. So, if a link is do-follow, then search engines are instructed or ordered to crawl that link and visit the link for deeper indexing of webpage.

What is No-follow link

No-follow link is very opposite to the do-follow link. If a link is not a do-follow, then it means it must be a no-follow. In ‘no-follow’ links, search engines are instructed to exclude the link from crawling.

How to code Do-follow and No-follow links

Coding a do-follow or no-follow link is very easy and simple. For this, you don’t need to be a programmer or great tech savvy. Just learn the following attributes and you are done. Here, I will elaborate it with an example.

1. For do-follow backlinks:
< a href = ”” rel=”dofollow”>

2. For No-follow Backlinks
a href= ”” rel=”nofollow”

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How to Check whether a link is Do-follow or No-follow

To check whether a link is is do-follow or no-follow, is very much easy and any one can do it without any confusion. For this purpose, first of all download an add on in your Mozilla Firefox web browser whose name is “No follow”. Just download “No follow” add-on in your Firefox from here and install it in your browser. After installing it, re-start Firefox web browser and go to any website or webpage, where you can find a large number of links. Now, to check whether a link is no-follow or do-follow, just right and tick on “No follow” add on by clicking on it. You can also enable it by clicking on “Tools >> No follow” in your Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Now, you can easily notice, some of the links are shown with blue colour while others are shown with orange or red colour.The blue colour links are do-follow links while other i.e., red colour links are no-follow.