Our favorite new things appear on smart monitors

Every day, people rely on Google for help, such as catching up with their favorite programs, turning on garage lights, relaxing music in their residences, playing games, and even getting the family on track. Similarly, as we expected, the smart display will become an entertainment center, entertaining and connecting the entire family members and the entire family throughout the day (the entire night), which is exactly as we expected.

smart monitor1

Today, we will introduce a new experience based on Google’s knowledge and the visual features of Smart Display. These updates can keep you steady throughout the day in 10 ways:

A new visual experience can help you start your day. When starting a new day, just touch the new “Your Morning” page to start a new day. You will see important points such as the reminder of the first meeting, the loss of early morning information and the outlook for the future climate. This page adjusts throughout the day to show “Your afternoon” and “Your evening”, so the pointer you see will change with the day.

Family enjoyment. Whether you want to follow podcasts while preparing breakfast in the morning, or plan to find TV shows at the end of the day, the “Media” page will definitely recommend you some videos or programs for everyone to enjoy, and also provide Disney+, Netflix, YouTube TELEVISION, Videos or shows recommended by Spotify and other music and video platforms.

Maintain the entire house in one location. The brand-new aesthetic design also has a “residence control” page, where you can adjust the connected tools throughout the house (so you can switch between the light-off bed room or who you see to go to the front door).

There are more devices that can stay connected and remain efficient. In fact, we just added more means to talk to friends, family, and colleagues in your smart display Google meet and Duo, and also Zoom will be used with the Assistant-enabled Smart Show later this year. Use the “Interaction” page to start a new meeting, make calls between family members, and even use the program card to send messages to young people in another area.

Discover various other useful properties. Dealing with new aesthetic experiences can help you deal with your day, but we know that everyone likes to use this tool. Scroll to the “Discover” page to see more actions that the smart screen can do.

Available now: Combine all accounts into one location. If you have different personal and work accounts, you can currently set up multiple accounts on Google Assistant to view and connect all upcoming events and meeting gadgets in one place, instead of changing between personal or work accounts. For example, on your Google Nest Hub Max, you can now quickly touch or request to attend the next meeting (“Hi, Google, attend my next meeting”), whether it’s a personal yoga class or a conference call. Now, this feature is retained on tools that support Aide. On these gadgets, you can access calendars (such as phones (Android (and iPhone)), shared devices (such as smart speakers and smart displays), and devices of Google Office customers who have registered for the Google Assistant Beta program.

Make sure you keep the picture. If you walk around, the Meet on the Nest Hub Max can of course immediately mount the lens to center the cam. You can also customize the appearance of “meetings” on Smart Present to reduce the complexity of viewing certain individuals or information in the presentation, including a fixed four-person grid and zoom function (will be launched later this year). In fact, we also provide a brand new food selection option that allows you to terminate the meeting and reschedule the meeting directly from Smart Display, and even send a message to inform others whether they need a new time or are late.

smart monitor2

Now, the dark style will be displayed on the smart screen. “Dark style” can change the color style of the interface and minimize the glow, so it can still provide you with a beautiful appearance, and it can be touched at night, and it is easier to use on the eyes at night. Similarly, you can maintain the traditional light pattern or set it to “car” to change the display normally according to the surrounding light or when the sun rises.

Choose a relaxing noise, you can also put yourself to sleep. The new aesthetic experience also has a “Your Night” page, where you can choose a variety of relaxing sounds to make your sleep after getting off the bus more enjoyable. You may like quiet rain or audio, or you can ask Google to choose one for you. The rest timer will definitely make the audio disappear, or you can allow it to play all night, which is what you deserve.

Finally, use the new sunrise alert from the next day. Use the dawn alarm-enter the smart display-within 30 minutes before the alarm system sounds, the screen illumination will slowly increase, copy the sunrise, to ensure that you can get up normally. You can also set up different alarms on different days of the week and choose various ringtones for them (because you have to get up at 7 AM on Saturday!?). In the very best part? When the alarm goes off, you only need to declare “Sign out”, not “Hey Google”.