How to move from Gmail to

Last week, Microsoft has launched its new e-mail service by the name of So, here we have described a way, on how to move or upgrade from current gmail account to Outlook account. So, let us begin to move from Gmail to Top 10 Trusted Stores for Online Shopping in India。

1. Sign-up for an account

First step to move your gmail account to account is to create an e-mail account at Outlook, if still you do not have an Outlook account. In case, you already own an email account, then there is no need of Sign-Up for a new account of Outlook.
Now after creating your Outlook account, keep log-ined to your account by entering username and password in login section.

2. Forward your mails from Gmail to Outlook

After creating an account, you need to forward all your new emails to inbox of For forwarding your new emails to, firstly you have to connect the both accounts i.e., Gmail and Outlook by following the below mentioned procedure.
• Sign-In to your G-mail account.
• Go to “Add a forwarding address” in settings and enter your Outlook id here.
• After entering correct, id, click on OK in the confirmation window as shown in below image.
Now after this Set-up, gmail will send an e-mail to your Outlook account for confirming the entered e-mail address for forwarding your mails. So, for this goto your Outlook inbox andd open the confirmation mail sent by Gmail team, and click on the confirmation link. Now, you have done half of work for moving from Gmail to outlook account as you have confirmed that you want your e-mails to be forwarded from your gmail account to account.

Now follow the below steps to start the forwarding procedure of your new e-mails from Gmail to
• Go back to settings page of your g-mail account.
• Then, click on “Forward a copy of incoming mail” option and start forwarding them to your Outlook account. This step will keep a copy of forwarded mails in g-mail inbox too.
• Now, finally click on the “Save Changes” button.

3. Set up your G-mail address to send mails from Outlook

Now, the third step is to enable Outlook to use your Gmail address when you send mail to anyone. For this, go to Settings >> More Mail Settings on account and click on “Managing your account” option and select “sending/rteceiving emails from other accounts.” After this step, on next screen click on “add another account to send from”, now simply enter your gnail account name in the box labeled “Add an email addres”. And click on the button “Send verification email”. After these steps you have to go back to your gmail account and confirm your e-mail address. [How To] Improve the Speed of Samsung Galaxy S3

4. Transfer your Gmail Contacts to Outlook

Now the second last step is to import all the contacts of Gmail account to Outlook account. Now for importing all your contact details We will go to the People page to import contacts. Just click on the little “down-arrow” next to Outlook in the header (it will show up when you hover over the header”), after Then click on “People” >> Google Contacts, You’ll see a pop-up window which will lead you through your account to your Gmail contacts. Click “Connect,” then enter your Gmail sign-in information. You will see a confirmation screen, which shows you that Gmail is confirming that Microsoft is asking to connect to your Gmail contacts. Click “Allow access.” You’ll get a final confirmation screen, and you can click “Done.”
You’ll also get a confirmation email in your inbox telling you that you’ve connected Contacts from your Gmail account.It might take a little while for your Gmail Contacts to be imported. When they are, they will show up right in Outlook – both on the People and Compose pages.

Congratulations!!! You have shifted from your old gmail account to new account. If ytou want to import your old emails from gmail to outlook, then i will tell this procedure im my next tutorial. Top 5 Best Android Phones Below 15K in India