Amazon Launches New Kindle Fire HD Tablet

Few days ago, Amazon unveiled its much anticipated new Kindle Fire HD tablet at an event organized by the Amazon. So. let us have a look at main features and specifications of this tablet which comes from the very well known and reputed manufacturer in the world.

This new tablet PC by Amazon sports a wide and large screen size display of 8.9 inches with a very high resolution of 1920 X 1200 pixels in it. the device is powered with a Texas instruments OMAP 4470 processor. The device also comes with 4G LTE, which makes it really enriched in connectivity and accessing the fast internet along with other services. Moreover, the device also has in built stereo speakers, and it is being said, it is the first time ever in a tablet by Amazon.

The noticeable thing in the newly launched Kindle Fire tablet PC by Amazon is that, the device is featured with two antennas for strong signal strength and better Wi-fi connectivity.The newly launched Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD tablet is available on two models namely – 4G LTE model and Wi-fi model. The kindle Fire’s 4G LTE model will be available in two versions in accordance to its internal memory with different price tags, namely Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE 32GB model and Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE 64GB model, while the Wi-fi model will be available in 32GB and 16 GB storage capacity.

Moreover, this time it seems that Amazon has came with a new updated operating system on its newly launched tablet PC. So, for the tablet lovers of Amazon, there will be surely something new , exciting and very much interesting about the operating system of Amazon’s kindle Fire. The upgrades on Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, operating system brings a huge number of new and impressive features to the customers of this tablet PC. For example, one of its very impressive feature on this tablet is use of “Whispersync technology” , through which users of the tablet can successfully save the current state of their games & audio books before shutting down the tablet and later when they re-open it, they can resume their games & audio books from where they left at a later time. The device also sports a support for multiple user accounts and improved parental controls to avoid the mis-use of the technology through this tablet PC.

The price of Amazon’s newly launched kindle Fire HD tablet PC vary from $299 to $599, according to its model. The starting price of Kindle Fire’s Wi-fi version is $299 while starting price for 4G LTE model is $499. So you can purchase any of models, as your budget.