[How to]Schedule windows to shutdown at specific time

Sometimes when your pc is doing some background task or downloading something,which may takes a couple of hours and you probably don’t want to sit all the time in front of your pc.Then this trick might be useful to you.You can schedule windows to shutdown your pc at specific time or after a specific time and give your pc some rest.This trick works on all windows versions.Just you have to do is to type some keywords and you don’t need to install any software.

Follow the steps below:

1.Go to start ->Run.

2.Type in ‘shutdown -s -t 120‘ (without quotes)and press Enter.Your computer will shut down in 120 seconds. Change 120 to any number (in seconds) you want.

You could also use ‘at 22:13 shutdown -s‘ to specify the time to shutdown. Just change 22:13 to any time that you want (must be in 24 hours format).

Important: If at any time you wish to cancel the operation, type in the command ‘shutdown -a

-s and -t used above are command switches, which are explained below:
-s : Shutdown the computer.
-t : Set a given time for shutdown, in seconds.
-r : Restart the computer.
-l :Log off the user.
-a :Cancels a system shutdown already in progress.
-f :Forces running applications to close without warning.

You can use any of these switches to your liking.But make sure you don’t have any unsaved work.


You can also create shortcuts to these on your desktop.Just follow the steps:

1.Right click on your desktop and select  New->Shortcut.

2.Copy and paste ‘shutdown.exe -s -t 120‘ in the text field of the new shortcut window.Change 120 with your desired time(in seconds).

3.Click Next and give your shortcut a name.

4.Click finish and that’s it.

You can also create shortcuts of log off,restart,cancel shutdown etc. with the help of command switches as explained above.

Any questions?Post it as a comment here!