Your Private Data is Not Secure in Facebook

Yes, its true that your personal and private data on Facebook is not secure. Read our this special report how your private data can be accessed on Facebook without your permission. Tips to Choose a Good Handset.

A Facebook Ex-employee Katherine Losse ( 51st  First employee of Facebook) has revealed some secrets about Facebook in his new released book  “The Boy Kings: A Journey Into the Heart of the Social Network. She joined the Facebook in the year 2005 and left the social media in the year 2010 after working 5 years at Face book. In this book she has shared his some true incidents and bitter facts while working at Facebook. She has pointed in his book that Facebook is primarily a Male dominated place to work, and womens were not treated well here. How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Galaxy S3.

Katherine Losse’s in his book ” The Boy Kings: A Journey Into the Heart of the Social Network” revealed a secret that, your Facebook account is not private and your important private data can be seen by any Facebook employee. You may think that, your Facebook account is safe and no body can login to your Facebook account, but its not true, she revealed that any Facebok employee can enter into your Facebook account and can view your personal information, as Facebook staff can easily login to your account with their special password or we can say it as “Master password”. She wrote in her Book that,  there was a “master password” for which any Facebook employee could easily log in to any Facebook user’s account and access his/her all messages and data. But, the official staffs had to memorize that master password. Later, the company expunged that master password and eventually implemented more secure measures to access accounts. So, now the question is that, Where the users privacy lies?

It means any user’s private data is not secure in Facebook. So, if you share your confidential and private data through messages on Facebook to your relatives or friends, then it may cause a big problem to you. So, think twice before sharing your personal and confidential data on Facebook as its not safe. Top 5 Best Android Phones below Rs 10,000 in India.

Source : Washington Post

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