Windows Live Writer- Best Offline Blogging Application

Today in this article i am going to provide review of Windows Live Writer, which is a very good blogging software if you want to write your posts in offline mode. If you never heard about Windows live Writer before, then this article is very helpful for you. Read the detailed review of windows Live writer – a product by Microsoft below. :)

What is Windows Live Writer?

If you do not know, about Windows Live Writer or you are hearing about it first time, then don’t need to wonder about it. It is very famous software for Bloggers to write their articles from their Desktop and customize them effectively with a number of features provided by Windows Live Writer without connecting to internet. It means in Windows Live Writer, you can write your post and save them when you works offline, and when your article gets ready to publish finally, then through Windows Live Writer you can post to your Blog within seconds. Moreover, windows Live Writer saves your time as it provides you an option to write and edit your blog’s post offline. So. you do not need to connect to an Internet connection all the time.

Features of windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer provides you to work offline , if you have Blogspot, WordPress, Typepad, Windows Live Spaces, Share Point Blog and many other blogging platforms. The best thing about Windows Live Writer is that, this software is made by Microsoft and it is totally free to use if you have Windows Operating system installed on your PC.Windows Live Writer also features WYSIWYG and media editing, which provides a good user experience.

How to start with Windows Live writer

To start with windows Live writer right now, first of all download windows Live Writer from this linkWindows Live Writer. Windows Live Writer is currently available in two versions, first version is Windows Live Writer 2009 which is available for all to download, the second version of this software is Windows Live Writer, which is available to download to them only who have advanced version than windows XP, it means if you have Windows XP O.S. installed in your PC then you can not download it, in case you have Windows7 or other later versions of Windows then it is available to you for downloading. After downloading Windows Live writer follow these simple steps to get start with this amazing software.

  • When installation of Windows Live writer completes on your PC, then configure your blog to use this software. For this, firstly select your blogging platform, if you blog runs on WordPress or BlogSpot then select that, otherwise select the appropriate option as shown in below image. If you do not have a blog, then it allows you to create a blog at that moment only.
  • After selecting, the blogging platform, it will ask for Blog address, Username and its password to set up your blog into your Desktop for working in offline mode.
  •   It will take some minutes to download files from your blog and your current theme, as it will import all the settings and other scripts for better working.
  • After setting up the configuration of your blog, Windows live Writer will ask to select a nick name for this configured blog. You may leave as default which will include original blog name. Now you are ready to work with windows Live writer , if you host your blog in WordPress then you can also add a large number of live plugins to it.

Hope you will like this application from Microsoft, which provides you an offline option for writing your posts. You may also like to read How to check a link is Do-follow or No-followHow to add a Gravatar (Admin image) in WordPress and How to Transfer a Blog from WordPress to Blogspot.