Top 3 Plugins to Display Author Bio Box

Here we have provided top 3 WordPress plugins which shows Author bio box in your WordPress blog. These plugins are very easy to integrate in your blog to show Author’s about me section in  WordPress powered blogs.

Now a days, most of the new WordPress themes provides an option to show Author’s Bio box in each post either below the post or above the post, as this short bio of Author connects the readers of blog in much better way and effectively. But, if your WordPress theme does not support this feature, then do not worry, here in this post we have provided top five best plugins to show Author’s bio box in your WordPress blog.

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If your WordPress theme does not sports impressive and attractive, Author’s about me box then I recommend you to try any one of these free plugins to provide an attractive Author’s about me or Author’s bio box in all posts of your WordPress blog. If your blog accepts Guest posts, then these plugins are good choice to display a short biography of Author’s of your blog. Moreover, by displaying Author’s box in your blog, it provides some info about author to readers of a blog, which can increase the traffic of your blog as it makes sure to re-visit your blog more often by your trusted visitors and readers.

So, here is a list of top five “About Author” or “Author’s Bio” box displaying plugins.

1. Author Box After Posts

This plugin is very popular in WP sites and you can easily find it in many WP powered blogs. The “Author Box After Posts”plugin shows Author’s name, number of posts on current blog, author’s avatar, site link and personal description in Author’s box below each post of the blog. It also displays Author’s e-mail and twitter account link to keep in touch with Author to visitors of the blog. The screen shot of this plugin is shown below, I think this is one of the best plugins to display “About Author” box in your blog.

You can install this plugin directly from your dashboard by searching it, or Facebook Fanpage Mass Invitation Trick.

2. Easy Author Box

“Easy Author Box” plugin provides an option to display biography or ‘about Author’ box in your blog in each post, page and categories. You can customize it, whether you want to display Author’s bio box above the posts, pages or below the posts, pages of your blog. In addition to this, you can also display it at both position i.e., above the posts, pages and below the posts, pages but displaying it at both positions, it also give a good look to your posts. The, best thing which I liked about this plugin is that, it also displays recent posts by the author in Author’s bio box, through which readers can easily read the other recent posts published by the same author. It also shows gravatar of author along with Author’s name. The screen shot of this plugin is shown below.

To install this plugin, you can search on Dashboard in plugin section or Your Private Data is Not Secure in Facebook.

3. DT Author Box

DT author box is also an impressive plugin to display author’s bio in all of your posts. This is also a free plugin to use and install. This plugin also performs the job well to display author’s bio box in all of the posts and pages of your blog. This plugin easily adds an author box signature to the end of your posts or articles with little setup. Adds profile image, author bio, author twitter link, and author website link. All settings can be found under user profile to customize the description of this plugin. The screenshot of this plugin is shown below.

You can install this plugin directly from your dashboard by searching it on plugin section, or DOWNOADit from here and upload to your WP directory.

Hope, you will like all these plugins. You may found many other plugins too in plugins directory of WordPress, but i posted about only these plugins as i have personally used them. You can find a number of many other such plugins which can serve the same purpose. Do not forget to let us know, which plugin you are using to display author’s bio in your blog, if you are not using default theme’s feature. Also mention, if this list is missing any fantastic and popular plugin, we will add that soon.