How to Transfer a Blog from WordPress to Blogspot

If you are planning to migrate/ move or transfer your WordPress blog to Blogspot, then this article will guide you on how to transfer a WordPress blog to Blogspot. Blogspot is very widely used free blogging platform, which can ensure a great security, easy usability, traffic, pre-SEO optimized capability and many other services. Though, WordPress is also a very good blogging platform and millions of websites run on WordPress, but due to various reasons, one may want to move from WordPress to Blogspot.

I think main purpose of moving from a WordPress blog to BlogSpot blog is that, Blogspot is totally free to use and customizable, while in, you have to purchase webhosting which is very costly along with domain name. Moreover, in WordPress blog, you have to protect your blog from various security issues in your own level, like it may be h4cked easily if you do not focus on its security, it may also face some severe problems if someone cr4cks the database of your WordPress blog. So, in security concern, Blogspot is much safer as it is totally maintained by Google and runs on Google’s servers.

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If you want to migrate your WordPress blog completely from WordPress to Blogspot, then follow these simple steps given below.

1. For transferring or moving your WordPress blog, the first step is to login into your WordPress dashboard then go to “Tools” and click on “Export” option, by doing this you will  see three options in your Dashboard to export. In first option it will give option to export all the contents, in second you can export only posts while in third option it provides you facility to export pages of your blog.

2. So, for migrating your whole blog from WordPress to Blogspot, you need to select first option, i.e., to export all the contents. after that,  click on the “download export file”. Through this, it will make the backup of all your contents and allow you to download it into your hard disk drive. Now Pinterest Is Open for All without Invitation.

3. After downloading whole export file of your WordPress blog, go to WordPress 2 Blogger converter, and upload your downloaded file to this app, it will convert your WordPress exported files to Blogspot compatible format. After converting the files, again download it in your hard disk.

4. Now go to your Blogspot account by entering your Google account details and create a new blog. Choose any title and BlogSpot url of your choice for your new blog. After creating it, go to “Settings” of your newly created Blogspot blog.

5. Now in “Settings”, click on “Other” option which is at last under setting menu. Now, there you can find “Import Blog” , “Export Blog” and “Delete Blog” option at the top of page adjacent to Blog tools. So, now click on “Import Blog” option and upload your WordPress to Blogspot converted files here. Facebook Fanpage Mass Invitation Trick.

Congratulations!! Now you have successfully moved your WordPress blog to Blogspot blog. You can easily choose a custom domain name or your pre registered domain in BlogSpot blog, replacing traditional and preregistered domain name of BlogSpot postfix.