Tips to Choose a Good Handset

Thereare many decision  points in one’s life when we have to decide and plan to buy a new phone, or buying a phone for the first time. However, when a person goes to the market to buy a phone, most of the time they find themselves with a phone that they do not like, or they end up with a phone that does not have any features that they wanted. How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to Galaxy S3.

However, this article will give you some guidelines on how  to select a good phone. As you know, with so many handsets, networks and tariffs on the market, selecting the best phone becomes a difficult and daunting task. To simplify this process, take a paper and a pen and think of all the uses you would like to do with your phone and note down them down as hifhlighted below.
Some points that you should consider before purchasing a new phone are:-

1.       Talking and texting

If you are a person who concentrates on calling and texting only, then you are the luckiest person because all you have to do is take any phone that you see in the market. Your only concern will be the tariff to have/use. To you it won’t matter if the phone is most technological advanced or if it is the simplest handset.

However, to many others, they look for other a cell phone that can call, text, surf the internet, camera, gives maps and directions and listen to music through a radio or MP3. Top 5 Best Android Phones below Rs 10,000 in India.

2.      Select Features and Specifications

Choosing a cell phone is almost like choosing a computer. Therefore, when it comes to technology, make a wise choice. This means that you should look for features and specifications like quality  of camera, personal organizer, screen display and MP3 player and other things all in one gadget. The convergence of technology means that you have a tiny gadget that can do almost everything you require like the new smartphone technology.

3.       Business or personal Use

There are people who would buy a phone and use it for business purposes only. Such phones should have features that will help them in their business. This means that it should have a calculator, a meeting schedule, reminder,access to your email, internet and other important features that can help a business man.

Others may want a cell phone just to keep them in touch with family and friend. These types of phone should have features that can help them connect to social networks, games and any other features that can keep them entertained.

4.       Other considerations

Many manufactures create a phone that does fall under all the above categories. However, the question is which other considerations would you like  to have in your phone? Well, to give you an example, would you like a phone that provides the perfect package from the right network provider? In other words, would you like a phone that will enable you to pay your calling minutes, texting and data connections per month, or would you like a phone that you will be paying this services as you go(SIM card only mobile phone package). This is just one of the considerations that you should keep in mind. Top 5 Cheap Android phones between 5K – 6K in India.

Hopefully this article will help you. To get more information about a handset,  ask the sales person to help you out, as he may suggest you a number of good handset that you want.

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