Verify Your Blog by Norton SafeWeb

If you are a blogger or webmaster then do not forget to verify your blog from Norton Safeweb for better security and users experience. In this article, we have provided a detailed tutorial on how to verify a blog or website by Norton Websafe. So let us start with this: Windows Live Writer- Best Offline Blogging Application.

What is Norton Safeweb?

Before starting this tutorial to verify your site from Norton SafeWeb, you may think what is it!! So, I would like to tell you that Norton SafeWeb is a service from Symantec, which provides a safe environment for online internet users by giving a report to users of whether a site is safe to surf or not. If any site has a security issue or contains malwares and viruses, then it warns users about it.

For webmasters and site-owners in their words “site report is a great resource to help you identify and resolve security issues for users of your Web site. Our expert analysis may find security issues with your Web site that you were not aware of. You may also learn more about the experiences of your site’s visitors by reading the community site reviews.” In simple words, for site owners, this service helps them to detect any security issues or problems which they wre aware of till now. If your site has any security issues to its users then you site owners can correct them and resubmit their site for evaluation by Norton Safeweb. How to check a link is Do-follow or No-follow?

Steps to verify your site by Norton SafeWeb:

  1. First of all Sign-up for an account on the official site of Norton. Here is the link for Sign Up Page.
  2. After, signing up an account in Norton Safeweb, go to this link ( and click on “Add site” link below your user profile.
  3. When you click on “Add site”, a pop up window will open and it will ask for protocol ( http or https) and link of your site . Most of the normal sites have ‘http’ protocol, so do not confuse at the time of choosing a protocol. If you select wrong protocol of your site then it may create problems at the time of verification of your site.
  4. After adding your site, next step is to verify your website. There are three methods for verification of a site in Norton SafeWeb, in first one you can verify your site by adding a meta tag (which will provided by Norton safeWeb as shown in below image) at your homepage in header section just above the body. In second method, if you are unable to verify it by meta tag then you can pate some keywords at homepage of your site. The last way for verifying a site is by uploading a HTML file to root directory of your site.
  5. If you put a meta tag at wrong position then a pop window will open saying they are unable to verify your site, so if you are verifying your site by placing meta tag than make sure to place it at right position. For WP blogs, to add meta tags you can go to Dashboard >> Appearanc >> Editor >> Header and paste your meta tag in header section just above the body. How to add a Gravatar (Admin image) in WordPress

Now you are done. Within a week or it may take more days, you will the report of your site whether it is safe to surf or not. In case yourv site is found unsafe for normal surfing then you can correct the security issues and resubmit your site for getting a fresh report.

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